Total Distribution of electronic components from all manufacturers. Our products are procured direct from the manufacturer or through franchised distribution.

Our supply chain offers the right product at the right price, delivered with the service level you require supported by the total trust and integrity of people that know and understand how the supply chain works.



GIZO PLIUS LTD is an industrial enterprise which deals with progressive technologies in the sphere of electronic manufacturing. An invariable principle of the work of the enterprise GIZO PLIUS LTD is the equal approach to all customers, irrespective of the volume of the order and the status of the enterprise.

GIZO PLIUS LTD is committed to achieving complete customer satisfaction by maintaining optimal quality processes and procedures. We are ready to co-operate on installation, dismantling on printed-circuit boards from 1 piece to large scale orders.

For those enterprises, which do not have their own equipment for installation of SMD elements at small-scale and large-scale production with the volume of the manufactured products to 100 000 pieces, and for those enterprises that do not have possibilities to purchase the expensive equipment and to perform the manufacturing on their own areas, we offer the following services of contract manufacturing of electronics, which provides you with the following services:

  • Installation of c SMD components on printed-circuit boards of any complexity from 0402 to microcircuits BGA QFP with the lead pitch 0,5 mm.;
  • Bilaterial SMD installation;
  • Combined installation, with use of DIP and SMD components;
  • 100 % visual control of each product;
  • Drawing waterproof coverings;
  • Check, adjustment and testing of finished articles;
  • Assembling of case details and knots;
  • Manufacturing of cliches for drawing of soldering paste;
  • Working out of printed-circuit boards;
  • Production of the complete set of the design and technological documentation;
  • Manufacturing and delivery of printed-circuit boards of any complexity.


Technological possibilities of the enterprise for SMD installation:

  • Bilaterial superficial installation;
  • Installation of CHIP, SOT, SO, SOD, MELF, SOP, PLCC, SOJ, TSOP, BGA, MicroBGA cases, delivered in a tape, a case, the matrix pallet or in bulk;
  • Cases installation of elements from 0402 to QFP 54 x 54 mm., with pitch to 0,4 mm.;
  • Minimum amount of payment is not limited;
  • Maximum amount of payment for DIP-installation is not limited, for SMD-installation to 360 Ń… 450 mm.;
  • Components installation from a scattering;
  • Installation of pre-production models of payments without the expenses for manufacture preparation.

Advantages of making business with us:

  1. Experienced experts provide unconditional quality of the work and the minimum terms of manufacturing of the order;
  2. Pre-production models of products (1-100 pieces) without carrying out the technological preparation since we have the necessary manual equipment;
  3. Preparation of manufacture of the new order is made within 3 working days, including manufacturing of a technological cliche. If the cliche is not necessary, order manufacturing begins the next day after receiving the complete set and the data sheet.